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Graphic Overlay Specifications

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Graphic Overlays provide excellent durability, functionality and decoration. Enhance and incorporate features like tinted windows, selectively applied adhesive, light blocking ink, selective texture, embossed keys and screen or digitally printed graphics to make a decorative panel a functioning part of your product.

graphic overlays   Base Material
Overlays are generally printed on the backside (sub surface) of a clear material. Subsurface printed graphics are protected by the clear film itself which eliminates the need for an overlaminate. Top surface printed graphics may require an overlaminate for protection.
graphic overlays   Screen Printed Graphics
Graphic overlays are traditionally screen printed, using 4-color process, U.V. inks, Pantone® colors, or metallic inks. We can accurately match color values, densities, and gloss levels, providing exceptional product color match and production consistency.
graphic overlays   Digitally Printed Graphics
Your graphic overlay can also printed on our state of the art six-color HP Indigo s2000 digital press. We offer our customers affordable short-run printing or prototypes. Digitally printing your overlay provides endless design flexibility and imagination.
graphic overlays   Windows/LED Windows
If your overlay will be placed over LED'S or other types of electronic displays, a clear or colored tinted window can be created. This allows the interface to have a clean look while still providing all of the required functionality.
graphic overlays   Selective Texture
A screen printed clear coating can be printed on top of the overlay to provide extra protection and style. Generally clear windows are left glossy while the overall panel may have a slight roughness or texture to it.
graphic overlays   Light Block (Blocker)
Usually a printed color like white, black or sometimes even metallic inks are used to increase opacity. Especially needed on overlays with illuminated displays to prevent light from "bleeding" into other areas of the panel. A blocker would also be needed with an overlay that has a light colored background that is being applied to a dark surface.
graphic overlays   Embossing
Embossing the overlay surface delivers a unique look and feel to your products interface. Utilizing different embossing techniques for specific keys of the application can improve usability, helping operators locate important keys quickly.
graphic overlays   Adhesive
The adhesive is on the underside of the base material, which adheres the overlay to the product. The specific type of 3M adhesive will depend on the surface to which it's applied.
graphic overlays   Adhesive Spacer
Adhesives can be cut and "selectively applied", known as the adhesive spacer, voiding out areas for keys, windows, led windows, or any other area where no adhesive is required.
graphic overlays   Premask
A covering used to provide surface protection to a clear window or the entire overlay for ease of application. Once the overlay is applied, the premask is peeled off.
graphic overlays   Steel Rule/Digital/Laser Cutting
Generally overlays are cut with steel rule dies. For short runs or prototypes we have digital and laser cutting capabilities to eliminate the need for tooling.
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